WCSU RecFest ’15 – Video Gaming Station Sponsored by Three Brothers Diner

It’s been a long time coming! Soccer Ball Car owner Bruno Batista returned to his school to host a FIFA 15 Challenge at WCSU‘s RecFest ’15 on August 29.

Three Brothers Diner in Danbury sponsored the video gaming station and gave away awesome prizes including free gift cards. College kids + free food 🙂


College students are avid gamers.

Video games score big on college and university campuses with 76% of students playing video games regularly. (2013 Pew Internet Research)
INFOGRAPHIC More Than 150 Million Americans Play Video Games


INFOGRAPHIC U.S. Colleges Video Games Programs Salary
As the popularity of video games continues to rise, colleges and universities now offer more video game courses and degrees than ever before. (2015 ESA)


An interactive fan experience.

Soccer Ball Car gives brands a unique way to connect with their audience by challenging them to a fun game of Xbox. It’s a win-win-win for brands, event organizers and fans.

About Three Brothers Diner

Three Brothers Diner is located at 242 White St, Danbury, CT.

Phone: (203) 748-6008 Email: 3brothersdiner@gmail.com

About Soccer Ball Car

Soccer Ball Car links brands to the soccer consumer with an interactive video gaming station. To book a test drive, contact Bruno Batista. bruno@soccerballcar.com

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