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Soccer Ball Car 2.0!

Introducing Soccer Ball Car 2.0!Soccer Ball Car 2.0

Meet the newest addition to our fleet of soccer cars. Soccer Ball Car (2.0) is an interactive VW Beetle that connects brands to the soccer consumer with a video gaming station and 32-inch LED TV.

Brand Awareness

Get set for all the attention

Logo Usage & Exclusivity

Your very own mobile billboard

Social Media & Video

High-tech digital integration

Increase Fan Engagement

An interactive fan experience

Connect with your audience as a modern-world company by challenging them to a game of Xbox. It’s our way of breaking the ice and furthering the conversation.

Why soccer?

We have the high-tech tools to implement social media components live from the event.

  • Xbox One, FIFA 15
  • Macbook Pro
  • Soccer skills challenges
  • Fun giveaways and prizes

Differentiate the event experience from other events. Increase fan engagement with our interactive Soccer Ball Car.

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