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Soccer Ball Car Makeover – Before and After Pics!

Soccer Ball Car - Before and After

Before and after pics of Soccer Ball Car! Still can’t believe I bought this amazing car just last week. This little guy was in need of some TLC.

New shoes. Soccer Ball Car came with not-so-pretty black steel wheels and snow tires, but now it’s riding on shiny 17″ original factory VW Beetle Turbo wheels! I found someone selling their VW Beetle with custom wheels on Craigslist, and made an offer on their unused, second set of wheels (excellent condition), and they accepted. Nice three hour ride with my daughter later, and the wheels were ours.

New contact lenses. The original ad stated the headlights needed some work. They were completely foggy and dangerous to drive at night, so I looked on eBay and was able to find a great deal for a pair of brand new, modern-style LED with Halo headlights. These headlights not only look great, but are brighter than OEM lights and safer at night.

New sunglasses. The tints that came with the car were also in poor shape (and purple), so we saved some money by removing most of the old tint with a steamer and peeling it ourselves. Then we brought it to Gotham Auto Works in Danbury, CT who did a great job re-tinting the windows with the latest 2014-style tints.

VW Beetle Headlight Replacement - LED Halo Projector

Gotham Auto Works - Tints VW Beetle

What do you think of soccer Ball Car’s before and after pics? If you like the makeover transformation, leave us a comment below. Thanks!