playwingive logoSoccer Ball Car traveled the nation with PlayWinGive interactive fan zones this summer!

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soccer ball car brand awareness

Get set for the attention.

Soccer Ball Car is an interactive VW Beetle that links brands to the soccer and video game consumer with an Xbox One and 32-inch LED TV.

Break the ice. Challenge your target audience to a fun game of Xbox, or give them a sneak peek of your latest product or app with video. A spokesperson can answer questions and provide more insight into your brand.

Trade shows • Product launches • Sponsorship activations
Drive fans to your brand.


Logo Usage

Your own mobile billboard.

Stand out from the crowd with premium car magnets and branding customized with your logo and message.

Apparel, soft drink, insurance/banking, athletics. Be the only one in your industry with a mobile billboard designed for maximum visibility and exclusivity.
I want a test drive!

Soccer Ball Car Logo Usage - ICC


Social Media

We have the technology to implement social media components live from the event. Our buzzworthy infographics will bring you new fans and keep them there. Turn “Likes” into buyers by teaming up with us on social media.

Video Games Popular Infographic

High-tech Tools 

Wi-Fi, Periscope.

Engaging Posts & Tweets  

Shareable photos, flyers, infographics.

twitter infographics
Kids Walk for Kids with Cancer Flyer
WCSU RecFest 15 Flyer
Soccer Ball Car at Harbor Yard - Video Games
Soccer Ball Car - Portuguese Day 2015 Danbury



  • HGTV was so impressed with the website and Facebook that they came out to shoot a segment for Beachfront Bargain Hunt. Bruno’s the man!

    Scott Wymbs, Weejack Charters NY


Fan Engagement

Create buzz and connect with fans in your very own interactive fan zone. Trade Shows • Sponsorships • #Tailgaming

Interactive Gaming Station

Put fans in the driver’s seat with an Xbox video game system loaded with FIFA 16 soccer and popular games.

32 Inch LED TV

Provide more insight into your brand, product or app with video played on a sleek 32-inch LED TV.


We have the technology tools to implement social media and digital components live from the event.

Skills Challenges & Giveaways

Increase fan engagement and create buzz with soccer skills challenges and fun giveaways.

interactive fan engagement video games
Interactive Fan Zone - Soccer Ball Car copy
Interactive Fan Zone - New York Red Bulls



Grew up playing soccer in Europe and continued in college at WCSU. Founded Upper 90 Studios, a soccer website and podcast show with 2.5 million YouTube views. Promoting top events and driving revenue to marketing campaigns in creative ways. Partners Relevent Sports, Fenway Sports Management. 

Soccer Passion

Speak Portuguese & Spanish

A Support Product

For Your Marketing Campaign

Bruno Batista



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